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Do you need to find a piano course?  Most piano teachers know that most people lead very busy lives.  And many people want to learn to play piano at home, at their own pace without the stress of having a piano teacher to pay every week or month (yes, we hate to say that, but it's true). And you just can't commit to a set time for lessons every week or you don't want to sign a contract for lessons.

These online piano courses are designed for those very busy people who want to learn at their own pace with a methodical, step by step method that can get you playing in days, if not hours.

We've tested and reviewed the latest and most effective piano courses for you available online today. 
We have an experienced veteran piano teacher review these courses in our Play Piano Guide and we have the results for you.

Each of these courses are created for the beginning or returning piano student in mind. We've selected the best of the group of online piano courses on the Internet today.
Here we present several of the latest online piano courses or software:

Piano for All

This is one of the most popular and extensive piano tutorials available today.  The creator of the course, Robin Hall guarantees that you will be playing some piano within a few days without using silly overplayed tunes. You will learn loads of tips and tricks, popular party piano pieces and rhythms,  basic and advanced chords, and much more.

We like this piano course the most because it is effective and offers the most complete information. It's  organized in such a way that it makes learning to play piano fun and refreshing at the same time. This is the favorite course of most of our readers because it appeals to people of all ages.

What most people also want to do is play piano by ear and read music. This is the only piano course that teaches both options.

This course has 10 complete ebooks with 500 audio clips and a huge list of 200 video lessons. Everything you need to use is right on the page---you read the text, listen to an audio lesson or view a video lesson. The course is set up so that you don't get overwhelmed by all the information, because all you do is follow each lesson. If there are any questions, you can email the creator of the course.

* The creator of  PianoForAll does actually answers any questions you might have     promptly.
There's a No Risk 60 Day guarantee plus a choice of payment options.
We highly recommend this course as it is one of the the most complete on the Internet today.
* You have a no questions asked money back guarantee which we feel is a great deal.

Piano Coach Pro

This the newest piano course designed to take you in the style of music you want to go:  classical, jazz, soul, rock,  or country.   Pianist Jamie Lewis created Piano Coach Pro video tutorial course naturally through time as he saw what people had to do to learn piano quickly using both cutting edge and traditional piano techniques.   There's step-by-step easy to understand directions in learning how to play the piano with videos, audios, and jam tracks just for beginners to progress to advanced.

Here's what you get:

The PianoCoachPro system
comes with 200 lessons, 18 Video lessons, 20 audio lessons, Exclusive Jam tracks where you can play along, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages.

In detail,  you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and our library jam tracks with 50 audio tracks per style to play along with. Everything you need to learn from start to finish  is here. You will be given the tools to develop an incredible skill behind the keys of a piano, keyboard or organ.

What is great about this course is that if this does not work for you, there is a 56 day no risk, no questions asked refund policy. Also, for a Limited Time Only
there is a introductory and temporary  price reduction for this very thorough course.


Hear and Play

This is one of the best courses you can take if you want to learn to play piano by ear step by  step. The creator of the course is Jermaine Griggs who teaches you how to play chords and understand how they work together.  The course is easy to understand for beginners,  well  organized, you can easily recall the new information, and most of all it is really a joy to learn.

Hear and Play has a  new audio series  that you can listen to while you are in your car, with your ipod, or in your stereo by your piano.  There are no books, sheet music--- you learn how to play by ear and understand what you are playing. He covers intervals, chord inversions, how to sound good with the chords you use and how to put them together, and  much more in Hear and Play 101 and 102.  You are taught what chords pull strongly to other chords, which is the secret to successfully learning pieces by ear rapidly.

We recommend this course for adults and older adults who have always dreamed of playing piano by ear. You can learn at your own pace, and upgrade to a more advanced course if you want. Remember the course is on audio where you can listen and learn to play.

We were also impressed by the 90 day guarantee for this course, which gives you plenty of time to explore the course. The other thing is you get the course in physical form, in the form of audio CDs, and right now there is a special on two courses. The 90 day guarantee is the longest guarantee we have seen so far. Highly recommended for people who want to learn to play piano by ear.


Play Piano Tonight

Play Piano Tonight Multimedia eBook  by Ron Worthy offers  beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises with background music to help you play piano successfully.  You will hear the drums, bass and an background piano accompaniment that provides a harmonic "backdrop" to enable you to practice your course lessons. ( Note: This reviewer has learned piano with a harmonic background as well which helped develop good piano skills immensely as well as develop ear training.  This approach is not used much with today's piano teachers but is available in this course).

The course includes over 400 free digital sheet music, 24 lessons where you can learn the lesson, then watch, listen and play along with the sheet music.  Music Resources and a music dictionary are included.  Also included are  learning chords, songs, exercises, learning timing and more.

We like this course because it has so many extra features, including a Piano Karaoke, which shows you in real time the actual keys played for your favorite song.  There's also a Lifetime membership to the Digital Sheet Music Lessons.

The creator of Play Piano Tonight says that you should be patient, and play each lesson over for at least two weeks in order to absorb the learning and get your fingers and mind to memorize the movements on the keyboard.

This unusual course is also great for adults who really want to learn and have lots of questions
.  As a teacher and creator of this course the teacher is willing to email or even consult with anyone who purchases this course.

If you are prone to giving up easily, is no money back guarantee, but you can have telephone or email contact with the creator of the course.

Piano is Fun * Software *

If an adult or child is studying beginning piano with a teacher or on your own and are having trouble reading music , then Piano is Fun may help you.   In fact if your child is taking piano lessons but is having problems with reading the notes, the fun games and  characters in the piano course will be a great help.

Fernando introduce the notes gradually,
teach  both the note names and where to find the notes on the piano keyboard , explains the difference between the Treble and Bass clef notes, allow you to select which notes to practice, and uses bright  and colorful animation which children will love. The student will get a certificate of achievement after they complete a medallion  challenge that will provide great incentive to keep going.

Great for piano teachers to keep track of up to 50 students or for a single student on their own. Very good with with people who have trouble learning how to read the notes.

This is a software you can install on your computer right away and use immediately.

Not many drawbacks, except MAC computers will not be able to use the software. Keep in mind this is a supplementary software designed to help you along in an online course you are already taking, self-study piano, or studying with a piano teacher.

Yes, there is a guarantee but it is a 30 Day no risk guarantee, unlike the other courses listed above which provide longer guarantees.

Reasonably priced compared to other software on the market.


Secrets of Exciting Piano Chords

Rating: 3/5

Duane Shinn, the author of this course, is an experienced popular piano teacher who says piano lessons should be fun. Chords can be tedious to learn at times, but Duane shows you how to play chords you always wanted to learn.

And if you want to know about piano chords this is the source for you. You can download and print out a book and get 39 Video lessons on all the piano chords available. This includes major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords and chord variations as well as chord progressions.  This course is comprehensive and impressive.

There are many adult piano players who don't know enough about chords and they want to learn much more. Many piano teachers just don't want to spend the time on chords, because they rather teach pieces to students instead . So the information presented in Secrets of Exciting Piano Chords is a great supplement to an adult student who is taking lessons or who just dabbles on his or her own and wants to learn much more about chords.

Here's the drawback:  No email support or no risk guarantee.   This does not mean the course is not good, but be aware of this.  This course is very thorough if you are willing to self-study on your own. Advertises for $1.00 per lesson, for 39 lessons, so your cost would be $39.00.

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